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Welcome to LifeGlobal®

When we began LifeGlobal® in 2000, we intended to produce the best, highest quality human embryo culture media products for IVF. We are pleased to announce that LifeGlobal® media products have met and exceeded our expectations.

Our global® medium is a clinically proven, 'single solution medium™' for human embryo culture in IVF, with published results from multiple independent centers for over 10 years. We thank our dedicated scientific team of Drs. John Biggers, Jacques Cohen, Klaus Wiemer and Don Rieger for their scientific and clinical support.

global® medium was scientifically designed with the nutritional needs of the human embryo in mind and with the "let the embryo choose®" philosophy, using the finest ingredients and expertise. We offer you the best in quality, performance and outcome.

The global® family of media offers a unified approach to human embryo culture maintaining the same environment from gamete, embryo handling and culture in order to minimize the stress to the embryo.

Our modern, ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2000 certified, LifeGlobal® media manufacturing laboratories operate under high stringent quality control with extensive QC which includes third-party independent QC testing. We have an extensive, reliable worldwide distribution network assuring you of quality, excellent, prompt customer service, and "guaranteed cold" delivery of embryo culture media.

We have incorporated our GPS® Dishware product line into the LifeGlobal® product portofolio to provide our media users with "bundling opportunities" and a single source of high quality media with high quality and specially designed dishes for IVF.

We would like to thank you, our customers worldwide, for your outstanding support. Our commitment and dedication to deliver you the best quality and service is our way of saying "thank you".

Monica Mezezi, MBA